12 Feb

Now the baby is easy to eat clothes dirty, there are a lot of China baby bibs are grease-resistant, so the baby won't let the baby clothes dirty. The baby is lively and jumping when eating, so how to choose a baby bib?

1. Bib sizeBaby bib is mainly to see the collar of the bib, the looseness of the collar and tight let the baby will breathe differently, if the collar is too loose, the baby's clothes will be very dirty, if it is too tight, it will strangle the child's neck.

2. texture of timberThe material of the bib is related to the health of the baby. Bibs generally touch the baby's neck and chin. If the material is not good, it may affect the skin of the child's neck. In one case, the baby may bite the bibo, so the material for the baby bibs is very important.

3. colourIn the choice of bibs, you can choose some cartoon pattern to attract the attention of the baby, so that the baby like.

4. Baby age before 2 months can choose gauze bib, this age baby may vomit neck everywhere, 2 months above can choose cotton, about half a year can use waterproof.These baby bibs are better for babies. It is characterized by comfortable and breathable, compact and light, rice pocket overcoat, do not wash do not fade, color, such as new, not easy to deformation, wrinkle deformation, isolation of food soup.

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