18 Feb

Manual hoist and electric hoist are quite many uses. But they're not substitutes. Because the hand-pull hoist is manual after all, it is usually used in the scene without power supply. The electric hoist is generally used in factories, assembly lines and other scenarios, because of the high frequency, it can effectively reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

Manual hoist: widely used in factories, mines, construction sites, agricultural production and docks, docks, warehouses, especially for open-air and non-power operations; The utility model can be combined with a monorail trolley to form a manual lifting transport trolley, which is suitable for monorails overhead transportation. Can also be applied to large tonnage and explosion-proof type and other special specifications.

1. suitable for outdoor harsh environment and no power operation.

2. safety performance is very high, with external impact of gear box and handwheel cover, equipped with the world's highest level of load chain.

3. advanced structure, beautiful appearance. Small volume, light weight, easy to carry.

4. small hand pull force, high mechanical efficiency, big toughness of the body.

5. simple internal structure, aluminum integrated structure frame, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to maintain.

Compact electric hoist: widely used in major factories, warehouses, logistics, docks, engineering buildings and other places for lifting or loading and unloading goods.

1. the goods move smoothly and smoothly, greatly improving production efficiency.

2. the on controller is easy to press and hold, can reduce the user's finger fatigue caused by long time use operation.

3. aluminum die-casting integration body and equipped with two-speed frequency converter, compact body, beautiful appearance, to achieve miniaturization, lightweight, high efficiency.

4. no load high-speed operation function.

5. do not use 15 kinds of environmental load substances including 6 kinds of substances in RoHS directive.

6. use of high alloy steel material, With high strength, good wear resistance and other characteristics.

7. the shell is light and strong, high heat dissipation rate.

8. with limit switch device, prevent the motor automatically stop chain off.

9. the chain bag is light, beautiful, durable.

Electric hoist working principle

Electric hoist is a common electric drive of small lifting machinery, can be used for fixed work sites, plus running car can also be along the I-beam straight track or curved track for lifting and transporting goods operations, Therefore, electric hoist is often used as a single beam bridge crane, gantry crane and cantilever crane supporting the lifting device.

The utility model relates to a general purpose constant speed wire rope electric hoist, comprising a hoisting mechanism, a running mechanism and an electric control device.

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