28 Feb

Malleable iron pipe fittings are cast into white cast iron and then annealed. The graphite in malleable cast iron of Masteel pipe fittings is flocculent, and has little effect on the matrix. Therefore, its mechanical properties are higher than gray cast iron, plasticity and toughness is good, but malleable iron can not be forging processing. Its properties are not the same, which black core malleable iron with higher plasticity and toughness, and pearlitic malleability with higher strength, hardness and wear resistance. Malleable iron pipe fittings are suitable for petroleum, chemical, electric power, construction, water treatment and other fields.

Comparison and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of malleable iron pipe fittings:The toughness of steel pipe material is an important index to evaluate the quality of steel pipe. A good steel pipe must have a certain toughness and no crack in a certain deformation range.

Cementite is simply a crude mixture of carbon and iron, Because the combination of simple and crude, so its mechanical properties are very poor, directly lead to Ma steel pipe blank hair brittle, hard hit is easy to break, so the pipe must be annealed.

Effect of Carburizing Agent on the Performance of Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings:The higher the excellent super pass index of the carburizing agent, the faster melting and the final absorption rate can be greatly improved in the process of using the carburetor. Thus, the formation of cementite is reduced and the mechanical properties of finished pipe fittings of mallable iron are improved. 

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