31 Jan

ANDRITZ Compact Nonwoven Hot Rolling Mill for Spinning ProductsANDRITZ China The hot moving plant for the nonwovens business is essential for ANDRITZ's mechanical DNA and we have been drawing in clients with this creative item for a long time. Also, it assumes the part of an innovation driver to satisfy new and developing needs and potential open doors. ANDRITZ nonwoven hot moving factories are portrayed by a wide scope of various models to meet practically all client needs.
In the minimized series, ANDRITZ offers the neXcal 450 and 600 just as the neXcal aXcess 450 (twin stick) and aXcess 600 (twin stick) with widths up to 3,800 mm and creation speeds up to 600 m/min.
Line speed: up to 450 m/min
Width: up to 3,800 mm
Innovation: turned combination, dry web development, wet web arrangement
End use: clinical, cleanliness, waterproof materials, geotextiles, filtration, and so forth
Utilization of Weitron servo SD600 on non-woven fixed length cutting machine
In the last phase of nonwoven handling, the rolls are cut into sheets of various lengths and bundled and moved to the client for additional handling as per the client's necessities. Consequently, clients require fixed-length cutting and entire material straightforwardly from the fabricated material to fulfill the market need. In this unique circumstance, the gear maker dispatches the non-woven fixed-length cutting machine to meet the client's prerequisites available.
II. Item presentation.
Weichuang SD600 series all-advanced AC servo drive is our organization's self-grew, superior execution servo drive with completely free protected innovation privileges. The item embraces the all-advanced engine control calculation and understands the shut circle servo control of current circle, position circle and speed circle totally in programming mode, with great self-versatile ability and can match an assortment of determinations of servo engines. An assortment of control modes are designed inside, with high unique reaction and functional steadiness. With strong capacities, brilliant execution and sensible design, it can completely meet the necessities of clients for high accuracy and high velocity handling, and is broadly utilized in CNC machine apparatuses, bundling hardware, printing hardware and different fields.
Item includes.
Superior execution equipment stage: 32bit elite execution DSP.
Speed range: 1 to 5000rpm consistent speed activity range.
Most extreme heartbeat input: Differential information mode: 500Kpps, Collector input mode: 200Kpps.
I/O interface: 10 advanced sources of info and 6 computerized yields, 3 simple sources of info and 2 simple results
Over-burden limit: Torque up to multiple times the appraised load.
Seven control modes: speed mode, position nonwoven manufacturing machine mode, force mode, speed/position exchanging mode, speed/force exchanging mode, position/force exchanging mode, running mode.
Correspondence work: Built-in RS232 and RS485 correspondence interface, which can be utilized to control interior I/O, switch control modes, and so forth
Implicit straightforward movement regulator: Built-in 16 arrangements of movement position control orders and 16 arrangements of speed control orders and beginning hunt work, clients can set their own movement bends and multi-step speed control, the control of the upper PC can be discarded.
III. Brief prologue to the framework structure.
The mechanical framework principally comprises of cutting component, centralized computer and foothold instrument; where the centralized server comprises of servo engine drive framework and decrease system, and the cutting instrument comprises of shaper holder, chamber, and so forth The electrical framework comprises of Delta programmable regulator (DVP series), show control HMI, Weichuang servo regulator (SD600), Weichuang servo engine and fringe control switches, as displayed underneath.
VI. End.
As one of the earliest expert producers of recurrence converters in China, Shenzhen Weichuang Electric Co., Ltd. has been focused on the turn of events and creation of electrical transmission and movement control. This non-woven fixed length cutting machine framework has been gone after for quite a long time with practically no issues, and its control precision is as yet 0.5mm, which shows the high strength of Weitron's items. The client communicated its fulfillment with the total arrangement given by Vetron. The fruitful utilization of the control framework for the non-woven fixed-length cutting machine shows that Wicresoft is equipped for giving clients a full scope of arrangements, which assumes a positive part in the general advancement of Wicresoft's servo drives.

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